• Why should we travel alone at least once in our life?
  • Why should we travel alone at least once in our life?

  • on May 6, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Travel alone to refresh and challenge yourself. That is not only an adventure but an opportunity to expand the horizons, discover interesting things about yourself and a world you’ve never known as well. As the famous American traveler and writer, Paul Theroux has advised: "There are three basic rules of travel. First, let's travel the road. Second, if possible, travel alone. Third, find out carefully and keep a record of where you are going. That's all."

    1. Traveling alone doesn’t mean you are lonely
    Paradoxical as it may seem, solo travel will make it easier for you to add new friends. Local people and other travelers will be more open to talk to people traveling alone. You will be amazed when unexpectedly talking with a stranger in such an easy way.

    2. The experience is much more valuable than artifacts
    Studies have shown that the secret of happiness is spending money on experience, not on materials. Recent research from San Francisco State University shows that the feeling of blissful happiness from a shopping spree will soon fade and disappear, but travel memories will follow the rest of your life. Investing in a solo trip is a way to save for everlasting experiences.

    3. You are not who you were yesterday
    Travel to discover new things of your own, and to open your heart to the colorful life. Traveling alone brings you an opportunity to embrace new cultures and immerse yourself in a completely different world. Just join a volunteer trip or choose to stay longer than intended to really understand the rhythm and daily pace of life.

    4. Be self-prepared for your solo travel addiction
    Scary as it may sound, once you get rid of your fears and take on the challenge yourself in order to make your first solo journey in life (the decision that more and more travelers are making now), you will not give up!

    5. You can take the time to enjoy
    Making time for yourself despite your busy schedule is to reconnect with the thoughts inside you. Take it slow and take the time to immerse yourself in the sunset reading a book, or conquer a mountain, drink coffee in the early sun at a sidewalk café - these are priceless rewards of traveling alone. It gives you time to rejuvenate your mind and have a free vacation from distractions and stressful work.

    6. You can give yourself a break
    Traveling alone means breaking the compromise. You have the right to make a decision yourself! This is a rare opportunity for you to be selfish as well as to baby yourself in a good way.


    7. You can challenge yourself
    Traveling solo gives you a chance to stay outside your comfort zone. You will need to consider yourself to make the quickest and wisest decision, to learn to rely on your own resourcefulness - an invaluable skill that boosts your confidence.

    8. You can completely take control of your financial status
    When traveling with friends and family, budgeting can be a real issue. Someone wants to eat a restaurant, sleep the hotel while others just want to eat noodles in the right style of road trip. If you travel solo, however, you do not have to worry about satisfying everyone or being "overdrawn" or "bankrupt."

    9. You'll just have to focus on the experience at the destination
    Do not plan to come to Rome if you know that you will only be quarreling with your loved ones about whether to eat pizza or pasta in a restaurant or hotel. Travel alone gives you the opportunity to truly connect with the people and places around you without any “escort”.

    10. It’s a chance to pay close attention to your mood
    Having a solo trip means that you can follow your own favourite things. You can change your plan without worrying about ruining your partner’s vacation.

    The best way to experience solo trave:

    ♦ By rail:
    Traveling by train is a great way to truly experience a country through beautiful sights and through meetings with guests on board. You will also have plenty of time to fly into your soul, indulge in the spectacular scenery outside the window, read a book or reflect on your journey.

    ♦ Package tour:

    It may sound ridiculous, but if you're not ready for a trip all alone and just want to challenge yourself a bit, why don’t you consider going on an organized tour? Not only will you meet fellow travelers who share the same opinion but also have time for yourself.


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