• The advantages of traveling to Vietnam with a local agency
  • The advantages of traveling to Vietnam with a local agency

  • on Nov 25, 2018       By: LucyH
  • This is one of the main questions that travelers always ask when preparing their trip to Vietnam. A local travel agency or a native English speaker tour operator? Here are the 6 advantages that will convince you to choose to entrust your next stay in Vietnam to a local agency.

    The knowledge about the destinations is in their vein

    The team of a local agency, made up of Vietnamese who know the culture and the customs of their country perfectly, focuses on a single destination that it masters perfectly. They are able to help you explore Vietnam as it is, in all its cultural and historical complexity. The local travel agency in Vietnam is often created by a former guide who has a perfect knowledge of the country.
    The expertise of the field is constantly renewed thanks to the ease of being able to go to different regions of Vietnam to be able to inspect and prospect new routes, new activities and new accommodations. Local guides, always in close contact with the local agency, thanks to their feedback to increase the local tour operator's field expertise. Another advantage of being on site is that your local travel agency has an extremely fast update of information. They are immediately informed of the various events on the spot that can in one way or another have an impact on your trip and then make the right decision so that it goes on in the best way.


    Immersion trips, closer to the people

    The local travel agency weaves over the years a wide network of knowledge and very close relationships with local people. It can thus offer you circuits off the beaten track to go to meet the local people as well as the ethnic minorities of North Vietnam. Spending your time in homestay living with the local people always reward your travel experiences that will make it unique.

    The tailor-made trip: specialty of the local travel agency

    Thanks to their field expertise and their great flexibility, the local travel agency is the specialist in tailor-made private travel in Vietnam. Thanks to its team of perfectly French speaking travel advisers, the local travel agency will concoct you in detail a trip to Vietnam that respects both the desires and expectations of each participant, and your budget. A 100% customizable hand-sewn trip made possible by constant dialogue to make your trip unique.

    Quality control: benefit for the local travel agency

    Being on the spot and dealing directly with providers they have known for a long time, the local travel agency is able to offer you the services at the best value for money. Their tourism knowledge allows them to know immediately when a partner weakens and takes the necessary measures. The local travel agency can immediately make a last minute change if the customer is not satisfied with a service such as a change of hotel for example.

    Assistance during your trip

    With a team that’s reachable at any moment it is guaranteed you can ask for assistance anytime during your trip to enjoy it in all serenity. During your stay in Vietnam some unexpecting things can happen but the problem will be resolved in the shortest possible time thanks to the tour operators dedicating to the smooth running of your trip. The responsiveness and sense of anticipation in any case of problems, even the smallest one, are a comfort can not be denied.


    The price: a fair price without intermediary

    It is obvious that by using a local travel agency for your stay in Vietnam you will do without an intermediary, unlike the services of an English tour operator who subcontracts to a local agency to receptive and organize these tours in Vietnam, you will have to pay an extra amount of money for intermediary. In addition, the local travel agency has a very good cost control because it is constantly in close relationship with its local providers and therefore can have a reasonable rate. Finally, the operating costs of a local agency are without comparison with those of a native English speaker tour operator, which has a significant impact on the final price of the trip.
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