• The 200 - year old Nom Village
  • The 200 - year old Nom Village

  • on May 29, 2018       By: LucyH
  • A day trip to Nom Ancient Village - an ancient and picturesque countryside nearby Hanoi Capital City Vietnam may be a great choice for those people seeking for a little getaway from the city’s bustling. This antique village which is more than 200 years old, showing an intact beauty on its own. “Peaceful, photogenic and rustic” are what visitors recommend about this attractions at the first sight. 

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    ♦ Location & sight overview


    Located at Dai Dong, Van Lam, Hung Yen Province, Nom ancient village is only about 40km away from Hanoi city. The long lasting hisstorical and cultural values of Nom ancient village are preserves in each detail of the old houses, the solemn entrance gate and right in rural liffestyle of villagers. 


    Visitors will be surely astonished by the peaceful scennery and the rustic atmosphere once they pass through the ancient entrance gate. This main gate opens up a way into the picture of the northern villages of Vietnam with hundred-year-old banyan trees, rock ponds, communual yards and bricked-roofed. 

    Many historical relics of at least 200 years old preserved in the sites has brought along the imperial values for Nom ancient village. All are intact and ancient as time passes. A trip to Nom ancient village is more than just a visit. It is where you find yourself travel back in time to feel the old picture of a tranquil Vietnam. Undergoing many ups and downs of history, the village has no significant reconstruction attempt, making sure it to be original and picturesque from the initial phases. 

    ♦  Attraction highlighted – an tranquil ancient village 
    1. Nom Market


    As soon as you pass the village entrance gate, you will catch up a different way of life which mainly comes from the rural Nom market. Wandering along the country market in the early morning to pick up fresh fish, meat, vegetables, meat and quintessence of the countryside. Besides, this is also a nice place for people love photograph. The red brick images of the market blocks may set the best background for having a nice photoshoot. 

    2. Nom Pagoda - Linh Thong Co Tu 

    the-200-year-old-nom-village-nom-pagoda- 2

    Religion is always one of the most special features of each country that set up the curiousity in each tourists. This is the region why once visit Nom village, touirists should not miss the Linh Thong Co Tu pagoda which was said to be built amidst the dense pine forest during the reign of Hau Le dynasty in the 15th & 18th century. However, based on more than 100 terracotta statues preserved, some experts believe that this pagoda might be constructed thousands of years ago. 


    The clay Buddha statues are considered as the treasures in the pagoda. Regardless of this, there are attempts to protect the terracotta treasures that all look venerable with the diverse facial expressions and gestures. 

    3. Nom Bridge

    Known as a bridge crossing over the Nguyen Duc river, Nom bridge is another tourist site that appeared in the local folk tales. The old bridge has a nine stone pillars construction, in which each pillar is the sophisticated carving of the dragon's head. Thus, the locals often call it the “Nine Dragons’ Heads Bridge.” Once you get here, you should capture the moments when you’re standing on this unique Bridge and cherishing the precious peace.

    4. Tam Giang Temple 


    This temple is dedicated to worship Tam Giang General (in the reign of Hai Ba Trung). Legend has it that this general wished to be worshipped in Nom Village, resulting in the construction of this Temple. The place is tranquil and scenic, with the old Banyan tree, the well, and large communal yard. 

    5. The Ancient Houses 


    Besides the above attraction, Nom ancient village also owns the hundred year old houses with a poetic yard and the ancient pond within the front yard. How the previous generation of Vietnamese villages of the northern delta look like and the rustic spirit of rural life, all are reflected in every cornor of the village, from the worn-out low roofs, 5 section architecture and old brick yards to the bygone walls, the old houses and the ancestral houses. 

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