• Morocco-Vietnam Tourism Cooperation: Round Table, 29th March 2018, Hanoi
  • Morocco-Vietnam Tourism Cooperation: Round Table, 29th March 2018, Hanoi

  • on Apr 4, 2018       By: LucyH
  • On March 29th 2018, a round table titled "Potentials Cooperation between Vietnam and Morocco in the presence of tourism" was held in Hanoi in the presence of Mr. Azzeddine Farhane, Ambassador of Morocco and Vice-President of the National Tourism Administration of Vietnam. 

    The promotion of cooperation in the field of tourism between Vietnam and Maroco was at the center of a round table, organized on March 29th 2018, in Hanoi, under the title “Potential Cooperation between Morocco and Vietnam in the Promotion of Tourism”, co-chaired by the Ambassador of Morocco to Vietnam with the Vice-President of Vietnam National Tourism Administration.  

    Morocco and Vietnam Tourism Cooperation Group photo

    Authentik Vietnam took the opportunity to better understand the state of national tourism in general and the prospects for cooperation between Morocco and Vietnam in particular. 

    With the aim to implement the cooperation agreement signed between Vietnam & Moroco on June 15th 2012, this event defined the framework for promoting bilateral cooperation in the tourism sector.      

    At the opening of this meeting Mr. Azzeddine Farhane, ambassador of Morocco to Vietnam made a speech about the formation of the sidelines of the 6th Vietnam International Travel (VITM) for the purpose of presenting the opportunities in terms of tourism and hospitality industry, in both countries and more broadly, as gateways to Africa and Southeast Asia.

    It will also be an opportunity to explore the prospects for cooperation between the two countries, by promoting the exchange of information on the respective tourism products as well as on ways to jointly develop new forms of cooperation in tourism and the hotel industry, he said.
    Mr. Farhane said that Morocco and Vietnam share a variety of similarities and tourism potential, in terms of stability, geographical position and reception facilities, saying that in 2017, the Kingdom received 11.3 million tourists, while Vietnam welcomed 13 million tourists.
    For his part, Vice-President VNAT Ha Van Sieu, said in a statement to the MAP that the round table is important in different perspectives, as it will allow to lay the foundations for a fruitful cooperation between Vietnam and Morocco in the field of tourism. 
    This initiative aims to create concrete cooperation actions in the field of tourism between the two countries, noting that other similar meetings are planned to bring closer the peoples of the two countries.

    He said that this is an opportunity for travel agencies and the Vietnamese media to better know the tourism potential of Morocco. In a similar statement, Khalid Fathi, director of the office of the Moroccan National Office of Tourism (ONMT) in Beijing, said that Morocco's participation in this meeting aims to open up to Asia, a promising market, important for Moroccan tourism industry.



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