Travel Ideas

Travel plan to Vietnam

Hanoi and surrounding from Halong  to Ninh Binh ( Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, Van Long): around 5 - 7 days.
Hanoi and Sapa: around 3 – 5 days.
Northern Mountain traveling: Around 5 – 10 days to visit more or less the region of the ethic villages in the north. In this area, you could enjoy hiking, trekking, homestay…
Center of Vietnam: Hue and Hoian: about 3 - 5 days to visit the world heritages in Vietnam such as Hue citadel, Nguyen Emperors’ tombs, the ancient town Hoian or enjoy the beach break in Hoian.
The Southern Vietnam: Saigon and Mekong delta: 3 – 7 days to visit the most vibrant metropolis city in Vietnam and the rest time to discover Mekong delta.
Vietnam Beach break: Vietnam is tropical country and it has a long coastline therefore, it is great idea to enjoy beach break in some the best beaches in the world such as: My Khe, Hoian, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc… They are dream destinations. If you start your trip from the north, you can end the trip with paradisiacal beaches in the south. For more information about your plan, please contact our travel consultant.


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Travel plan to Cambodia

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with famous Angkor temples are the two best destinations in Cambodia and it will take you around 3-5 days.
To discover more places such as Battambang – an old city, Kep, the beach city of Kep and Sihanouk Ville will take more 3- 5 days. To visit Katie and Mondulkiri- a mountainous area needs more 3-5 days.


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Travel plan to Laos

These are the best destinations: Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Xieng Khuang, Pakse – 4000 Islands.
Luang Prabang is a “must see” and you could stay there from 2 to 4 days.
Vientiane is the capital of Laos. 2 day stay is enough.
Xieng Khuang with plain of jar needs 3 days to discover and Pakse – 4000 islands will take you 3 to 5 days more.

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Travel plan to Myanmar

This is a long and big nation. To discover the gorgeous landscapes and colorful culture, you will need a month. However, Authentik Travel will help you to select the best destinations and duration of stay for your reference.

  • In Yangon: the former capital, a modern vibrant city of Myanmar, and it is a city with international airport. It takes you 2 day stay, 1 first arrival day and 1 last stay day. That is sufficient time.
  • in Bagan: This is the ”must see” area with thousands and thousands of temples and pagodas are stretched in the big plain. 2 night stay in Bagan will bring you to another tranquil world.
  • In Mandalay: also a former capital and nowadays, it is a modern city, you could find the peace in the most area of the city. Mandalay is also the Buddha University. It takes you 2 night stay and in case you would like to extend some more days, it is available to visit Pyinoolwin which is 2 hours driving from Mandalay. Then connect to Hsipaw and Lashio, mountainous areas. It is great to discover the minority villages, trekking and hiking.
  • In Inle Lake: This is the lake in the mountain ranges. It is cool around the year. It is famous for one leg rower and floating gardens. Specially, the stunning landscapes surrounding by mountain ranges.
  • Discover the lake, some traditional villages by the lake and enjoy your relaxation will take you at least 2 days.


  • Beach break: Myanmar is strongly affected by Monsoon so the beaches will be closed from May to September. Do not think about the beaches in Myanmar during these months.
    The greatest one is Ngapali beach; you could stay there 2 nights to a week. It is worth.
  • Mrauk U: this is a special place, isolated from others. To get there, the best way is by boat. Ther are many old temples. Like Bagan but it is more tranquil and mysterious. Women are with tattoos in their faces. 4 or 5 day stay is your time to uncover this awesome area.

There are many other beauty spots such as: Mt Popa, Monywa, Golden Rock, HpaAn, Mawlaymine, Amanda Bay…it takes you from 2 days to 10 days to visit these places. For better planning, please do not hesitate to contact our travel consultant.

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Reservations, Payments and Cancellations

Am I protected when travelling with Authentik Travel?

Authentik Travel –Managed by Authentik Vietnam Co, ltd is a Registered Travel Company by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.
The registration of company is with a capital of 1.5 Billion VND or 70 000 USD.
International Tour Operation license requires a compulsory deposit of 25 000 USD in the National Bank. This is an obligation of a professional Tour Operator.
These are 2 MUST conditions for a travel company. Without them, we would not be allowed to organize any trips for foreigner tourists.

These funds are useful for following cases:
Reimbursement if client(s) did not receive the services for which they paid. In the event of travel company’s closure.
Reimbursement if client(s) has not received the services those were confirmed by agreement with a Travel Company.

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How to book a trip with Authentik Travel?

After dealings and clients confirm to use our services, we will require a small deposit to secure the services.
25% deposit of total amount is required. The deposit could be made by bank transfer or by online payment SSL.
Reservation method: All reservations must be made at Authentik Travel by email. Once all confirmed, Authentik Travel will send full confirmations, invoices to our clients by email.
Outstanding balance: It will be settled before your trip. Clients could choose following payment method: bank transfer, online payment or cash on arrival.

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How to pay?

Authentik Travel allows clients to pay by several methods:
-Bank transfer:
Clients could make bank transfer to our Company’s account. The bank transfer fees will be charged at clients. This is our account:
Beneficiary’s address: To 5, Tu Dinh, Long Bien, Hanoi.
USD account number: 0011374175488
EUR account number: 0011144175499
Bank name: Bank for foreign trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)
Bank’s address: 31-33 Ngo Quyen, Hanoi.
Swift code: B F T V V N V X 001
Note: IBAN is not required in Vietnam.

-Online Payment by cards (ONEPAY security portal)
Clients could pay by cards online through the ONEPAY portal system. We accept: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB card

Once we receive your confirmation, Authentik Travel will send you the” invoice for online payment” via email. You just follow the instruction by click on the secured link.

The secured fee for online payment will be charged (by bank) as following:
Visa, master, JCB: 3.3%
Amex:  3.85%

After entering the card information, if clients do not receive any confirmation of transaction via the online payment gateway or Authentik Travel, please DO NOT try again. Please contact us to verify the transaction and payment order.

-Card payment on site:
Payment by credit card by POS machine is possible for the outstanding balance.
Authentik Travel accepts: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club. Payment is made at Authentik Travel’s office in Hanoi.
The bank fee will be applied as following:
2% of the amount to be paid for the Visa card.
3% for the MasterCard
3.3% for JCB and Diners Club cards
4% for the American Express card

Note: payment by credit card on site is possible only in VND. The foreign currencies (EUR, USD) must be converted to VND according to the national bank exchange rate at the date of payment.

-Cash payment:
cash payments are made to Authentik Travel’s office in Hanoi or directly our local travel agents. We accept the following currencies: EUR, USD, FRANC SUISSE, CANADIAN DOLLAR, JBP.
The exchange rate is based on the official rate of the biggest bank: Vietcombank on the payment date. Unlike other payment methods, Payment in cash is not subject to any fees.

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When is the best time to book a trip with Authentik Travel?

If you travel in high season from October to the end of April, we advise you to book as soon as possible.
For your information: A half of tourists travelling in the high season have booked from 3- 6 months in advance.
It is possible to book at last minutes. However, be aware of that accommodations are not many choices and the airfares are more expensive. Especially, it is difficult to find competent tour guides for a dozen travel day, especially in the high season.
Outside of the high season, it is less important to book the trip too early in advance. Services are more available except the holiday events.
However, whatever season, we strongly recommend to book the services as soon as possible. You always save more, especially the air tickets.

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What are the cancellation fees?

Cancellation by clients:
In case of cancellation by any reasons. Clients must immediately notify Authentik Travel by either letter or email. Clients agree to pay the penalties which according to the cancellation policy by Authentik Travel:
45 days prior to the trip: 5% total amount of the trip
44 – 5 days prior to the trip: 15% total amount of the trip.
4 – 0 day prior to the trip: 25% total amount of the trip.
These fees are used to cover the penalties from our service suppliers such us: accommodations, flights, boat, cruise, train, land transport…

Postpone the trips are not subject to penalties. But subject to the cancellation fees which is the clients’ responsibility.

This rule is applied to all services reserved by clients via Authentik Travel.  In case of Authentik Travel has to refund clients, the refund will be made by bank transfer. The bank fee will be paid by clients.

In case of the force majeure, clients may in principle appoint other people to replace them in the trip with under the same conditions. The new clients have to deposit for the trip. Also the service providers (Hotels, airlines, train, boat, cruise…) accept this change

In case of cancellations by clients due to some major causes (sickness, death, accidents, natural disaster…), we will try our best to negotiate with service providers (accommodations, trains, flight, transportations…) to get the cancellation fees as lowest as possible. In this case, Authentik travel agrees to reimburse the outstanding amount.

Cancellation by Authentik Travel
The travel contract with Authentik Travel may be cancelled due to the force majeure: Unpredictable things, inevitable, Irresistible (War disaster, natural disaster, terrorist, bad weather, epidemic disease, fire, etc.) in this case, clients will get fully reimbursement. If the force majeure interrupts clients’ journey, Authentik Travel will reimburse for the unused services. Claim for damages are excluded.

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Possible to change the program during the trip and is it free?

Modification by clients:
Clients may require to modify the program at any time. If the new services cost extra, then pay the generated expenses directly to Authentik Travel. Authentik Travel will respond to this type of request at our most carefulness, within the availability of requested services.

Modification by Authentik Travel:
Authentik Travel has a right to modify the services included the final confirmation proposal in the following cases:
Force majeure ( war, natural disaster, terrorist…) in such a case, the modification may occur more or less cost to the clients. For less cost, Authentik Travel will reimburse to clients.
Modification is necessary for clients’ safety and/or quality of the trip. In such cases, any additional costs will be charged to Authentik Travel.

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What rates are applied for children?

Authentik Travel offers discount rate for children under 12 years old. Please contact us for more information.

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Benefits of travelling with Authentik Travel

What is a private trip with Authentik Travel?

Authentik Travel offers private tours not only for groups but also for couples, families, friends or even a solo traveler. The whole trip is entirely private with our guide, driver and vehicle. Our guide and driver are flexible to match our clients’ desires. Weather during the road trips, breaks, visits…  The journeys are only between client(s), our guide and driver.

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How are hotels planned in the trip?

In big cities, we select the hotels of all comfort levels. In smaller cities or in remote areas, we find quality hotels.

Authentik Travel chooses hotels for each trip following our client’s budget, desires, and their specific demands. We always select the most comfortable hotel possible. Our knowledge of the lands and our commercial partners allow us the find hotels which offer the best value for money.

In the spirit of Authentik Travel, all hotels are chosen according to the specific criteria below:
Excellent location in the city center to allow clients easily access to the restaurants and walking.
Hospitality and friendly atmosphere are in each hotel. Big hotel buildings and big hotel chains are avoided.
Hotels are at least from 3 star to ensure the comfort for our clients.
The hotels in the small towns or remote areas are basic quality with air conditioners and hot water.

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What the level of comfort be expected for Homestay?

Logically, the level of comfort is lower than that of hotel. However, you will get authentic experiences; see the friendliness from the hosts. In the spirit of sharing and searching for the authenticity, we recommend to use this type of accommodation as much as possible.

Authentik Travel creates programs those are mixed the type of accommodations; some nights in very comfortable hotels and some nights at the homestay will offer experiences closer to the authentic lifestyles of local.

Many adventure tours included the tours in the mountain of Northern Vietnam, this type of accommodation is the only choice. Please be in your mind that the equipment of the homestay sometimes is very basic. However, this is a part of interests for the trip.

In all cases, the houses are equipped with mattresses, hot water. They must be sanitary.
Our experiences show that these kinds of experiences have always been highly appreciated by our travelers.

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Travelers should bring their own sleeping bags for homestay?

Authentik Travel ensures that all the homestay families respect the level of hygiene, especially, for sleeping. The homestays are registered by local authorization.  However, if our clients would like to bring their own sleeping bags, it is always ok. Clients can buy them in any big cities. They are light and easy to carry every day.

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Are there hair dryers in the hotel rooms?

Normally, the hair dryers are available in the hotel rooms from 3 star and some 2 star in the big city.
However, it will be not popular in the local hotels, home stay, especially in the small towns in the mountainous northern area.


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What types of vehicle for group?

Depending on the group size, we arrange the different type of vehicles. For your reference:
Group of 1-2 persons:  sedan 5 – 7 seat car: Toyota Vios, Altis, Innova, Fortuner…
Group of 3-6 persons: Minivan 16 seats: Ford transit, Mercedes Sprinter.
Group of 7- 14 persons: Minibus 30 seats.
Group of 15 – 18 persons: bus 35 seats.
Group from 18 – 30 persons: bus 45 seats.
These kind of vehicle will offer the most comfortable to enjoy the trip and be available to load all your luggage as well.


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Can clients book accommodation by themselves?

Authentik Travel is a tailor-made travel company. Our team could adapt to all our clients’ desires and wishes. Therefore, it is possible to book accommodation by our clients themselves. Authentik Travel will take care of the other services such as: transportations, tour guide, cruise, restaurant, domestic flights…
In these cases, clients should plan their itinerary with our travel consultants. They will then be able to find the best destination for their trip. They could receive all the best advices from our travel consultants while keeping the choice of accommodation on their own.
If clients wish to stay in an accommodation which is not included our list of services, please ensure to inform our travel consultant.

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Can rent a car without driver?

In principle, it is possible to rent a car without driver. However, it is very strongly discourage from this option. Firstly, foreigner licenses are not valid in our country. In case of accident, nothing will protect foreigner driver and other passengers in car. In case of dispute, the foreigner driver will be subject to heavy fines or even prison sentences. Secondly, the road infrastructure and local traffic are extremely different from yours. This will greatly destabilize driver.


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How are the guide chosen?

Tour guide play a very important role in the success of the trips. Beware of this predominant role; Authentik Travel is particularly demanding in our tour guide selections. Here are some criteria to choose our tour guides:
University graduation
Fluently in English or French.
International tour guide license approved by Administration of Tourism.
Excellent general knowledge
Passion of Traveling.
Responsible and useful.


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How many tour guides are there in the trip?

If the group is less than 15 persons, there will be a local station tour guide in each destination.
Our clients are autonomous in each flight or train. Our local tour guide will welcome them at airport or train station in each destination.
If the group is more than 15 persons, a tour guide will accompany throughout the trip in each country.


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Can we make the trip without tour guides?

Yes, it is possible. Clients could travel only with our drivers. By the way, there is no guide on private transfer from Hanoi – Halong. Unless upon your request.
On the other hand, it is important to note that our drivers are limited with English or French. The journey may lack of the interactions, since there are no interpreter between clients and locals.

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How are the meals during the trips?

Authentik Travel put our clients’ health at highest priority. Therefore, we are carefully to ensure all the included meals are healthy and tasty. All dishes are prepared by our local talent cooks who take care of cooking based on the local fresh produces and strictly follow the hygiene. We also ensure the balance between traditional local cuisines and western cuisines.
For the people who are specific dietary requirement (Allergies, Diabetes…), meal can be adapted. Please notify Authentik Travel beforehand.
Clients should be carefully when using raw vegetables which may cause the intestinal discomfort.
Feel free to stop in food shops during the journey.
There is a restaurant carriage in all night train.

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How is the budget for a meal?

Authentik Travel offer all breakfast included in the accommodations for small group. For a large group, we will offer full board. Some meals will be included such as in cruise trips, remote areas… or wherever could not arrange meals on arrival or lack of restaurants.

Price for meal is variety. From traditional restaurants and “street food” to more chic restaurants, the price range is from 1.5 USD to 10 USD.
This is some examples:
A good soup is  around 1.5 USD
A bottle of water is ( 500ml) around 0.5 USD
One local beer is around 1 USD.
The average budget for meals will be from 5 – 15 USD/day.

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What is the comfort level train in Vietnam?

The railway in Vietnam is underdeveloped. The infrastructure has changed a little from the colonial era. There is the major railway line that is about over 2000km. It connects Saigon in the south to Hanoi and Lao Cai in the north. The average speed of train is only 60 km/h.
There are two daily night trains connect Hanoi and Lao Cai. One equipped with basic 2 berths and the others are with more comfortable berths. Authentik Travel recommends the trains that last at  least 12 hour journey such as Hanoi to Lao Cai, Hanoi to Hue, Nha Trang to Saigon etc or vice versa.
The trains in Vietnam are much different from the train in Europe or America. They are much noisier and vibrant.
Authentik Travel selects the top class sleeping cabins on train for our clients. They are 4 berth-sharing cabins with A/C. It is clean and quite comfortable for overnight on train.


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What is the difficulty level of Bike and Motorcycle on tour?

We organize bike and/or motorcycle for the trip. This is the great way to discover the rural areas.  It is less traffic which is easier for our clients to ride.
The distance for your enjoyment is not too long. It is about 20 – 40km/day for motorcycle and 5- 10km for bike.
In case, our clients are difficult in riding, there are some alternatives depending on the traveling location: motorcycle taxi, rickshaw, or our even our private car.

Transportation vehicles are included during the free days?
Our quotations are not included the transportation vehicles during the free days. Our clients will be responsible for themselves. The free day will be showed “FREE DAY” or “NO GUIDE, NO CAR”.

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Is it possible to rent a motorcycle or a bike?

Yes, it is possible to rent a motorcycle or a bike in most of the big cities. (Except Yangon city – Myanmar, bike and motorcycle are forbidden)

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Which domestic airlines are used for the trip?

In Vietnam, There are some domestic airlines companies such as:  Vietnam airlines, Vietjetair, Jetstars Pacific airlines. Vietnam Airlines is the biggest and best one. The 2 others often delay or cancel.
To ensure the trip quality, Authentik Travel only chooses Vietnam Airlines.
In Cambodia, we use Angkor Air, Bayon Airlines.
In Laos, we use Lao Airlines, Lao skyway.
In Myanmar, there are many air companies. All of them use ATR 72 Air crafts. We use some of the best one such as: KBZ airlines, Mann Yadanarpon airlines, Asia Wings, Air Bagan.

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What is the baggage weight limit for domestic flights?

For the economy class, the check in baggage is 20kg and the dimension of your luggage must not exceed 203 cm of height + Length + Width. For the business class, the check-in baggage is 30kg and the same dimensions. There will be some small surcharges for the excess baggage. (About 1 USD/1 kg)
The handbag is 7kg.

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Other Questions and Answers

What are the souvenir gifts?

Here are some suggestions for the souvenirs:
Green tea: Vietnam is well known for green tea from the northern region of the country. Nowadays, tea became the daily drink for all Vietnamese.
Coffee: it is planted in the plateau of central Vietnam. Vietnam is the second largest producer after Brazil.
Tea Mix: it is very famous in Myanmar and it also became the daily drink for all Burmese. Every morning, people will enjoy the breakfast at teashops.
Vietnam Rice alcohol ( Nep Moi brand), Myanmar, Laos local whisky…
Crafts: there are many handicraft products that you could find them in the cities or even in the remote areas: Lacquerwares, Embroideries, brocades of ethnic groups, silks, ceramic products, heath tiger balm…


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Is it possible to take photos of the locals?

Of course, it is possible. We advise you to take the photos of the locals from a far in the streets or in the markets. If clients would like to take the portraits of locals at homes, villages, streets… please ask our tour guide for help to get their permits.
For better contacting with local people, do not hesitate to say HELLO in Vietnamese” XIN CHAO!” with a great smile!

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Taking photos freely during road trips?

It is a highlight of the trip offered by Authentik Travel. It is flexible to offer the freedom to our clients to make stops en route to take great photos and meet the locals. Whether in pagodas, museums or historical sites, photography is permitted.

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Things should not be missed!

Street restaurants are real place for meeting and conviviality. Street restaurants are present on the sidewalks of all the cities. This will allow you to discover the traditional local foods, using chopsticks, and sitting in a tiny chair in the middle of sidewalks,

The” Xe Om” in Vietnam are the motorbike taxis, they can take you to everywhere (in a short distance) and perfect way to avoid the traffic jams meanwhile enjoy the better view than that from the car.

Do not hesitate to enjoy the life style as locals. Foreigner travelers could often go to the same places as the local people.
Do not hesitate to practice the local language. Hearing some local words from a foreigner will give a smile to the locals.

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