• 5 good and bad things in Vietnam
  • 5 good and bad things in Vietnam

  • on Dec 26, 2017       By: Hoàng
  • Vietnam enjoys a great popularity among travelers. Especially thanks to its hospitality and warm welcoming. However, everything is not always rosy. There are a number of points that can confuse foreigners. Here is our list of great experiences that deserve to share and things should be avoided to enjoy a total trip in Vietnam.

    1.  Beautiful natural landscapes:

    Vietnam beautiful beach

    The country has a large number of spectacular landscapes that are exciting to discover. Here is the non-exhaustive list:
    The capital Hanoi famous for its hospitality and low cost of living.
    Halong Bay, natural world Heritage site
    Son Doong , the longest cave on the planet.
    We could add to these exceptional places not only the big and beautiful beaches from the north to the south of the country but also the splendid landscapes of rice terraces in the North-West. You will understand more about Vietnam with the history, cultures and natures.

    2. Variety of cultural Heritage:

    Hue Royal citadel​

    Vietnam is with more than 4000 year culture and history . The country has a treasure of cultures and history. These included a large amount of ancient works, famous legends and traditional festivals, all were enriched and multiplied by the large ethnic minority groups (54 ethnicities coexists in Vietnam) of the country.
    In addition, there are many religious monuments with temples, pagodas, feudal tombs and so many other millenary remains. Not to mention the colonial history still be visible in the cities of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

    3. A varied and abundant gastronomy:

    Vietnam Gastronomy

    Vietnam gastronomy is highly appreciated by gourmets thanks to dishes whose brand names travel around the world such as Pho noodle, Banh Mi bread, Bun Cha grilled pork with vermicelli, Nem ran spring rolls. These are all essential dishes need to be tasted during your stay.
    The street food is as various as delicious and deserves a lot of curiosity. It is also a great way to meet the daily life. Travelers can also enjoy the variety of  coffee served in an original way of Vietnamese people as Ca Phe Sua da ( ice coffee with sweetened milk) or Ca Phe Trung ( Egg coffee)

    4. Hospitality and friendly people:

    Vietnam friendly

    The vast majority of foreigners agree that  Vietnamese people are particularly hospitality and friendly.  In fact, anywhere in the street, people are ready to help you whether to show you the best way to access the place you would like to arrive or to find a bus if you need it. This makes a very good first impression on the travelers about kind and warm Vietnamese people.

    5. Very affordable destination:

    Vietnam beautiful resort​

    Whether for food, accommodation or entertainment, fares in Vietnam are very much lower than those in Europe or north America. For example, $ 15 for a meal with two drinks included, a street meal costs you about $ 5. You could spend an average of $ 4/hour massage. Accommodation is quite reasonable. Travelers can stay in a $20 room with quite good quality and full facility.

    5 bad things that you do not like:

    1. Chaotic traffic:

    Traffic in Vietnam

    When you arrive in Vietnam at first time, the traffic seems completely scary.
    The streets are filled with all types of vehicles including scooters, motorcycles zigzagging at a frantic pace among cars and trucks. We note that Vietnamese motorcycle drivers do not respect the red lights, even less, the priorities on the right and overtaking on the left. All this is particularly distressing for new arrivals especially if they are pedestrians. However, all visitors agree that this distress could be easily done with some practices.

    2. Some incivility of people:

    Queue up in Vienam​

    As we mentioned above, Vietnamese people are hospitality and friendly, caring the foreigners. However, they may adopt some behaviors that can be judged as unpleasant or confusing for westerners.
    We list some examples: No queue up in the public places (supermarket, banks, ect.) or in the crowd, some people do not hesitate to jostle for their way. Some travelers complain the harshness and insistence from the street vendors. Fortunately, these cases are particularly rare and do not affect the overall quality of your experience in Vietnam.

    3. Price for tourists:

    Vietnam streets food

    In some touristic places, in markets, street vendors or taxis, sometimes foreigner tourist are double charged. One price is for local and another price for foreigners. In some extreme cases, prices are multiplied by 3 because they are afraid of negotiation or change the traders. Be aware of this. You should check the price or compare the price before purchasing.

    4. Pickpocketing:

    Vietnam night street​

    This happens all over the world and Vietnam is no exception. However, if this thing happens in the major cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, It still be much less than other metropolises around the world. In addition, the countryside and the less populated areas of the country are particularly safe for travelers whether travelling alone, group, male or female.

    5. Pollution:

    Vietnam pollution in the lake

    It is clear that pollution is one of the country’s problems. The rubbishes are regular thrown into the ground without any ecological consideration. Some regions lost their attractions because of this problem. Air pollution is also present in some large cities. This will cause indispositions for sensitive people. The government continues to make great efforts in the implementation of several plans to reduce the pollution and raise the people’s awareness.

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