• 11 types of drivers that foreign tourists will see on Vienam’s streets 
  • 11 types of drivers that foreign tourists will see on Vienam’s streets 

  • on Jun 4, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Traffic in Vietnam always make tourists panic because of danger and unpredictability. This is also a concerning topic on many foreign travel webpages. Here are some of the experience of a foreign visitors to Vietnam who “got fainted” for 11 types of people driving on the streets.
    1. The real shippers


    Men transporting refrigerator, TV, toilet literally on motorcycles around all of the streets is for sure an image of “superman” to foreigners. And, they are also seen as heroes who can carry everything on motorbikes  by most of foreign tourists.

    2. The construction workers

    11-types-of -running-scooter-in- vietnam-construction-workers

    Should you notice, on the Vietnam’s streets appear a lot of construction workers in uniform, which is not very often caught in other countries. But the thing is that they carry dozens of construction tools and equipment carrying a bunch of things to serve build, let alone only one motobike found with three or four people on it. Strange as it may seem, tourists sometimes see people sitting with their backs against the drivers just to hold bulky things.

    3. Meals on wheels

    Foreigners will sometimes be startled by shrill, robotic voices outside the window selling food – “bắp xào đây”, “hột vịt lộn đây”, etc. But they often get extremely excited about this kind of mobile food vehicles. 

    4. Aerobic athletes

    How can a human drive a motorbike with his knees pointed out so wide like a straight line and tons of items in the front? That’s supposed to be done by “wonderful” aerobic athletes only!

    5. Women in floral sun protective skirts
    Vietnamese women in sun protective clothing like Ninja are not the exception! They show up with colorful floral sun protective clothing, long black hair and high heels on and their faces covered with mask and this is how most of foreigners can describe. Tourists may even find it admirable as they, tiny women on big motorbike, cruise along at delicate speed.

    6. Evolution of tourists

    11-types-of -running-scooter-in- vietnam-evolution-of-tourists

    You will see a lot of expat men driving scooters on the street. First, as beginners, they rent easy-to-drive motorbikes such as Nouvo. Then, they upgrade to classic semi-auto like Wave. And they may finalize the evolution with motorcycles one day. They call the whole process evolution.

    7. The Relic

    They love it when catching people driving old age scooters as they look like the elderly. And of course these people drive very slowly because the vehicle is older so.

    8. Daredevil pets


    Scarcely has people seen cats and dogs sitting right shortly behind their owner on a motorbike cruising along the streets in any other country like Vietnam. This is why they find that cats and dogs in Vietnam are braver.

    9. Expert gamers

    11-types-of -running-scooter-in-vietnam-expert-gamers

    The young drive old Honda Winds or Cubs racing around and zigzaging through like in a video game, barely missing others as they zigzag through heavy traffic. Tourists are quite horrified at this type of drivers and often run kilometers away as they are legendary gamers.

    10. “Walls” on the street
    Groups of friends chatting away make a row of four or five motorbikes like a wall and allow no one to get around them. 

    11-types-of -running-scooter-in- vietnam-wall-on-the-street

    11.  The two-wheel minivan

    11-types-of -running-scooter-in- vietnam-two-wheel-minivan

    Source: Internet

    The greatest surprise to foreign tourists must be the image of a mother carrying a few children on a motorcycle: two little kids in her lap and a couple more clinging to her from behind. Dangerous as it may seem, they look calm and happy as can be. How “miraculous”!



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