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"Thank you to all your team for the quality of your stay"


My watch did not work, a sign? I wanted time to stop here? Yes and No, we were also looking forward to seeing our children and our grandson.
Thank you to all your team for the quality of your stay. We were very happy to meet Tu and the professionals in the Hanoi office and then Tran at the end of the stay in Saigon.

And then of course a thousand thanks to our friend Khai who assured for 3 weeks with us. His human qualities, his skills, his knowledge of our two cultures are extraordinary for us to share these meetings at the other end of the world. His interpersonal skills, his vigilance and his respect for others are really the qualities that make him a great ambassador for your country and for Authentik Vietnam.
Thanks to our two drivers Toni whom we have found with pleasure and who is in the sharing and exchange and then Kuan who also assured on the long difficult roads.

I do not know if we will have a quality questionnaire at the end of this stay but for us we wanted to share with you our feelings after this second stay. A third ? And why not, not before 2016, Michel has plans.
Meanwhile, some people around us are interested in preparing a stay with Authentik Vietnam, we will accompany them for these projects. You can count on us.
Good luck to all your team. And above all we will have a lot of fun welcoming you home if you plan to make a trip to France. Welcome!


Mireille and Michel Boucher

Sep 14, 2014