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"An extraordinary journey that will always remain in our memory"

Dear Miss Thanh Le and the whole team of Authentik Vietnam,

What can you say except that we have made an extraordinary journey that will always remain in our memory. Your country is green, pampered by a climate favoring a rich, diversified and natural agriculture. We loved the always fresh food whose taste is finely enhanced by the aromatic herbs. By the way, when I came back to Canada, it took me a few days to get used to our rather bland and less fresh food. This is the first time this has happened to me. The estimate we had prepared with Miss Le was respected in an impeccable way. The different guides were all friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. It was even unfortunate on our last day that our guide was changed at the last minute in Saigon ... The drivers were helpful, on time, in comfortable mini van, always clean.

Congratulations to them for driving so cautiously. Our trip included activities chosen by us that filled us. We must discover Sapa, its inhabitants and rice terraces. The return trip by night in a rather rustic train is an experience! We could suggest the possibility of taking a shower at the exit of the train. The Halong Bay land is interesting to discover by bike, before bedtime homestay. Very well received by the family, I would have appreciated more contact with them. It's as if they do not want to disturb us ... I would have liked to share more their daily experience and the meal with them. By the way, the lady made the best nems eaten in Vietnam. The Halong bay in junk is a pure delight for the eyes, especially that it was very beautiful. The crew takes good care of us, the activities are enjoyable and the food was excellent and very well presented. Going to bed and getting up on Halong Bay is an extraordinary memory.

The center, with the cities of Hue and Hoi an, will remain more than an excellent memory because we want to return there. Hoi An particularly charmed us with its beaches, its authentic charm and its old city with hundreds of lanterns. Miss Le, you are likely to have a new request for your beautiful country. (By the way, we really enjoyed being able to meet you on the terrace of a coffee shop in Hanoi, we felt in good hands, you inspire confidence and you trust us.

The Mekong Delta is also a region to discover. The rivers, the different local markets, the villages, the people, the food ... make Vietnam a destination that must absolutely be discovered.

Thanks to Miss Le and all the team of Authentik Vietnam.
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Lise and friends

Apr 19, 2017