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"A perfect trip as a whole"


Before talking about the trip itself, let us tell you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your reception and your welcome in your office. What kindness, what attentions, what atmosphere and what a warmth!!!! We do not risk to forget such a day and this sense of welcome of Vietnamese. The photo you sent to us will remain an indelible proof. Thank you.

Mademoiselle Thanh Lê, thank you again for the attention you have given us throughout the development of the file and its follow up, until your concern for our welfare to Saigon, before our departure. We are used to traveling but we have rarely found such efficiency and attention. So we will send you our best memory to all your team, so friendly and warm, not to mention the "old".

Regarding the trip itself, this one can be considered perfect as a whole. The different stages, the choice of visits, everything is impeccable.
- The hotels that you had reserved for us have proved very good levels and good tastes, with a small reserve all the same with regard to that of Hanoi, which really deserves to be a little more neat, especially in regarding the bathroom (at least in our room).
- Sometimes trips seemed particularly long, a little exhausting and disappointing for the relative interest of the final visit (the house of the lover and the floating market, especially at the end of the stay). But this is subjective of course.
- As far as the guides are concerned, we have, of course, appreciated their help, the contribution of their knowledge, and with these criteria we particularly appreciated our guide to Hue, Thao (not sure of the spelling) which was absolutely perfect.

As for our third guide to Saigon, overflowing with sympathy and exuberance, it seemed to us that this knowledge in the various fields which could interest us, remained limited, much too busy permanently, by its political and other commitments. That being so, all very friendly and helpful. Finally, with regard to the 3 drivers we had, although not part of your staff, we can assure that they were perfect in every way: driving, thoughtfulness, attention and delicacy. Finally, we say that we are determined to return one of these days to visit the north of your country, as suggested by Ms. Thanh LÊ, and it is obvious that this future journey can not be done otherwise than with your agency, your cooperation and your seriousness. Thank you again to all of Authentik Vietnam, with special mention to Ms. Thanh Lê.

Our best memory for the whole team. 

Yvonne & Alain Read 

Apr 22, 2017